More coaching testimonials

“I had two amazing sessions with David Mills. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. The theme of the first session was divine relationships, and the second was healing of my inner child regarding my son and myself. I found in David a person whom I can trust, and a friend with a compassionate heart and amazing intuition. I resonate with him so much!

I can not say enough words to express my gratitude and joy. David is a part of the peace that I feel in my soul. He has unique, divine talent and a loving, warm heart that feels even the smallest movements of your soul. He has a brilliant mind that has a beautiful meld with his heart.

Thank you so much, David! You are an amazing coach, teacher and human being. I am blessed to have met you during my journey to self love.”

~ Irina Isakov, Canada


David, I just want to take a moment to thank you for the breakthrough that you’ve facilitated in my latest session. I have seen a therapist for 5 years and had intuitive energy healing sessions that have been very beneficial, but never have I had such a breakthrough and response as today. Thank you so much for making me feel safe enough to do this. What you helped me uncover was very surprising and I would never have come to this understanding without your help. I wouldn’t have been able to be vulnerable enough to explore, unless someone was bearing witness and holding safe, sacred space for me. This gift is priceless, thank you. It has restored my faith and hope in my complete healing, and in the becoming of whom I am meant to be.

Bright Blessings,

~ Karrie, USA


Coaching testimonials

“Being within David’s presence really helped me see the truth. Helped me see with broader awareness. He’s a beautiful expression of love and I’m honoured to have shared space with him.” ~ Chris Jones, UK

“After coming across David’s blog on the twin flame journey, I had finally found someone who was truly coming from an authentic place. I have now been receiving David’s support for conscious partnerships for almost 6 months, and if it wasn’t for his amazing wisdom and insight to help bring me back into alignment with truth, I don’t know where I’d be right now! He has an incredible way of intuitively guiding you to your own source of wisdom. Truly a unique approach. David is kind, considerate, dependable and very supportive through the ups and downs of this type of journey and I have him to thank for helping me grow in leaps and bounds.” ~ Sheba, Australia

“I just healed childhood trauma from a session with David Mills. Truly amazing session. Thank you so much David. You have helped me beyond words. Thank you from my soul and my heart for hearing and healing my inner child. I am worthy of love. All is well. I am so blessed and grateful. I highly recommend this life coach for inner child healing. Very powerful and so healing.” ~ Daryn Tefnut Light, New Zealand

“This one-hour session with you has been more useful than 3 months of counselling.” ~ Tanya Martinez-Cardenas, USA

“I thought I’d give you an update after my session with you. When I spoke to you, it helped me to clarify that I needed to find a way to ground myself because I knew my mission would be blocked in manifesting (I now know what I have to do). It raised my awareness and, since the session, my son has had an improvement and is fully engaged in a newly acquired apprenticeship. It’s the distorted lens that we look through that creates our reality. I hope things are going well for you and thank-you again for shedding your ‘light of consciousness’ onto my issues. Much Love.” ~ Meike Lawrence, UK [combined conscious partnership and parenting session]

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Twin Flame Q&A: concerns about twin

SARAH: I’m scared that my twin is going to cheat on me. Recently he has been reflecting this fear of mine. He has said some things that are making me think he has been, or will be, unfaithful to me and that he definitely wants to. What I do? I thought I’d transcended this fear months ago but it keeps coming back!

DAVID: Sarah, thank you for reaching out to me. Of course your twin is reflecting your fear – that is his purpose! He is your ultimate mirror. And he reflects it because he loves you! Because he wants – more than anything in the universe – for you to be free! Your twin is your textbook. He will always show you exactly what you need to be looking at and healing at any given moment. Isn’t that a beautiful and wondrous gift?

Remember, though, that what you are seeing in the mirror is YOUR perception. This is where your response-ability lies. This is where your power to respond lies. I would strongly urge you to avoid making assumptions about HIS perception of the situation. It really is none of your business. He lives in his own ‘map of reality’. You are responsible only for YOUR reality, for YOUR perception. You need to own what you are seeing in the mirror. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with him! This can be extremely challenging, particularly if you are living in the same physical space as your twin, but I can only direct you back to yourself. The source of this apparent “problem” is inside of YOU, not your twin. Go within.

The reason it ‘looks like’ your twin wants to be unfaithful is because he is reflecting back a confused aspect of your own unconscious awareness that either wants to be unfaithful itself, or is holding on to a fear of betrayal due to past experience(s). You need to have a conversation with this confused aspect of yourself. You may find it useful to visualise her as a little child. But the last thing in the world that you want to do is attempt to “transcend” (escape from) her pain, or your own fear. LOVE is the answer. These confused and wounded aspects don’t want to be transcended. They need to be acknowledged, accepted and validated. Welcome them into your arms and bathe them in LOVE! You have some inner work to do, Sarah. Enjoy this opportunity to meet another aspect yourself, and express gratitude to your twin for bringing her to your attention.

Twin Flame Q&A: fear of loss

MICHAEL: There is so much fear inside my solar plexus right now.

DAVID: What are you afraid of?

MICHAEL: I’m afraid of losing my twin. I’m afraid that I can’t be with her.

DAVID: How can you lose that which is eternally inside of you? Your physical twin is a reflection of your mind’s perspective on what is inside of you. What is inside of you?

MICHAEL: Love and light?

DAVID: Focus on the love and light inside of you and what remains? What is there to fear? Your twin is you, you are her. You are one and the same. She is the other you. Why are you afraid of the other you?

MICHAEL: Because she may not love me as much as I love her.

DAVID: How is that possible when she is you? She is inside of you! You decide what you see in the mirror. Identify with fearful thoughts in your mind and she shows you your fearful thoughts. Identify with the love and light residing at the core of your being and she shows you your love and light. It’s a simple choice, my friend. Externalisation of love equates to suffering. You cannot ‘take’ love from another. You have to ‘be’ love. You have to be the source of love, which is to be God. Then you ‘give’ this love back to the world, to humanity. But you must first realise yourself as the source of that love. That is self-realisation.

Twin Flame Q&A: family issues

JENNY: I am hurting so much. I heard my family talking (without knowing I was still present) about my twin flame relationship. They said it was just illusion, that it will never happen and I should look for a more suitable man because years have passed and I still don’t have my own family. They don’t understand. I love my twin with all my heart. I don’t want to give up on him to keep my family happy.

DAVID: Jenny, thank you for reaching out to me. Remember, the people around you are mirrors. It is true, your family do not understand. This is because they have no frame of reference for what you are experiencing. But the only way you could have manifested overhearing such a conversation – and responded to it with fear – is if, at some level, you are doubting your own connection with your twin. My suggestion is to go within and offer some love, reassurance, comfort and support to the part of you that is holding this fear. YOU know the truth but ‘Confused Jenny’ (visualise her as a little child) still has doubts. Offer her a hug. Give her a kiss. Hold her hand and remind her how much she is loved. She will be so very grateful!

Honour your internal discomfort

[This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, BE THE SOURCE]

It’s taken me a long, long time to learn this lesson…

You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, be they partner, parent, brother, sister, friend or colleague. You are responsible for your own happiness. Indeed, your own happiness is your greatest gift to the world.

Seeing the best in others is all well and good, but when it means overriding internal feelings of discomfort in order to meet their needs or save their feelings, you have self-worth issues to address. If a request from, or arrangement with, another person is provoking internal resistance, that is a clear sign that something is up. This feeling needs to be honoured and expressed, not ignored and suppressed. You are receiving a message from your intuition: this situation is not in my highest interests. Trust this message without question.

Suffice to say, I have spent most of my life ignoring these feelings of internal resistance. While I may have saved discomfort on the part of the other persons involved, I have caused untold damage to my own physical, mental and emotional health over the years by dishonouring my truth.

If you express your feelings honestly and the other person involved responds by respecting your truth and granting you the freedom you desire, they are coming from love. Love IS freedom. This is a person to keep in your life. If, on the other hand, they respond by tightening their grip on the situation or playing the guilt-trip card, they are not coming from love. View them with compassion, for they are unaware of their true power, but do NOT feed their selfishness or neediness. Wish them well and walk away WITHOUT GUILT. By giving away your power and compromising your own happiness, you deny them the opportunity to uncover their own, keeping you both stuck in confusion. By reclaiming your power and making a commitment to your own happiness, you set everyone free.

Love is 100% responsibility

DAVID: I am 100% responsible for everything that I experience in my personal reality. Consciously or unconsciously, I create every circumstance, every situation and every event. How else has it ended up on the screen? I am the projectionist.

QUESTIONER: So I am responsible for my cancer?

D: Who else? If you are not responsible for your cancer, who is? If you are not response-able, where is your power to do anything about it?

Q: With my doctor.

D: Your doctor is a reflection of an aspect of you. His or her effectiveness is determined by you. You are the director of your movie. You are not a helpless victim.

Q: I feel like a victim. And now you are telling me that my cancer is my fault.

D: No. Fault implies that someone is to blame. You are not to blame; you are responsible.

Q: What’s the difference? Either way, you are saying I created it.

D: Blame is a judgement call. There is no judgement involved in accepting responsibility. Responsibility empowers, strengthens, fortifies. Blame disempowers, weakens, deflates.

Q: Why would I give myself cancer?

D: To draw your conscious attention to unconscious, suppressed emotional pain. It goes without saying that nobody would invite such a state of being consciously. Cancer is a message from your unconscious that inner healing work is required.

Q: What do you mean by inner healing work? Are you suggesting you know the cure for cancer?

D: Your natural state of being is perfect health and well-being. All dis-ease is unnatural and an indication of internal imbalance. Cancer does not require a cure; it is a message. It is an opportunity to reclaim your power. This power resides deep inside of you.

Q: Why do you continually talk about the internal world?

D: Because you create your reality from the inside-out. The exterior world is a projection of your inner world. Cancer is an invitation to go within and heal your confusion.

Q: Cancer is a physical disease. What has confusion got to do with it?

D: The true source of your cancer is a false belief – a thought – that you are holding about life or yourself. Clean up the confusion and you clean up the cancer. Unless there is a higher purpose behind the cancer, in which case the cancer may remain. Even if this were the case, you still have the power to choose your response. You are not a victim.

Q: How can you discount all the scientific evidence that points to cancer being caused by the food we eat and the products that we use in our homes and put on our bodies?

D: Your beliefs about such things override all else. Your beliefs about “the way it is” determine your experience of reality. Even if what you say is true, who attracts the products into his experience? Whenever you experience a “problem”, there is always one common denominator: YOU. You are always there. Have you noticed this? The perception of the problem is the source of the problem. The perception arises out of a belief. The problem is a problem because the belief is not rooted in Truth. The untruth of the belief creates emotional pain. If the pain is not acknowledged and released, the internal dis-ease manifests in the physical body as conditions such as cancer.

Q: What is the Truth?

D: That you are Love. Love is all there is. All else is illusion. If you are Love itself, what is there to fear? Be 100% responsible and you are free of fear. Love is 100% responsibility.

Q: Sorry, I can’t buy into what you are saying. I don’t believe any of it.

D: In which case it is not Truth, for you. As I said earlier, our beliefs override all else. They are our perception filters. You are 100% responsible for your belief that my Truth is invalid. That is your choice. If your choice serves you on your path, so be it.

Q: Cancer is a disease that we must fight. The fight against cancer is the biggest challenge of the 21st Century.

D: Who are you fighting, other than yourself?

Q: You don’t understand. My mother fought an eight-year battle against cancer before she died. I supported her through years of chemotherapy and suffering. Have you any idea what it was like for me to witness this? How dare you sit there and tell me that her ordeal was all for nothing! That she could have simply looked inside herself and cleared a false belief. If this were true, we would have known about it. The doctors would never have put her through living hell for all those years if the solution were that simple. No, my mother is the bravest woman I have ever known. I refuse to accept that her suffering was for nothing.

D: Clearly, your mother’s suffering was not for nothing. Clearly, you have learned important lessons from her example, as others will have done too. There was a higher purpose behind her experiences. Her response to her cancer was the message. My Truth does not in any way invalidate your mother’s experiences, or your own.

Q: And what of little babies or very young children who suffer from terminal illness and die? Are they responsible too?

D: They are awakened souls. They are highly evolved souls. They are teachers. They have signed a sacred soul contract to serve humanity by demonstrating Truth for what is, from an Earthly perspective, a relatively short period of time. It is the briefness of their visit that makes their message all the more potent. Why do you think such children are always so dignified, so courageous, so accepting and so loving in spite of their conditions? They are in tune with the Love that resides at their core of their Being and can look beyond the limitations of identification with the physical body. They come here to remind us that there is no such thing as death. They come here to remind us to live in the moment. They are the Holiest demonstrations of Love in human form.

Manifestation power

My power to manifest seems to be increasing by the day.
I was at a student’s house today. She went to make me a cup of coffee. As I sat there waiting in the front room, I glanced at the old-fashioned telephone by the window and recalled the time that it kept ringing. Every time my student picked up the receiver to answer, the line would go dead.
One minute later the phone rang. I heard a call of disbelief from the adjoining room. My student returned with my coffee. She picked up the receiver. The line went dead.
I turned to my student and asked, “Does that happen a lot?”.
“No,” she replied. “The last time it happened was when you were here.”
“Oh…” I said. “That’s interesting.”
Better be careful what I think about from now on……
old telephone

Love is all there is

There is no denying that the world is in a state of escalating chaos and confusion right now. However, there is a POSITIVE PURPOSE behind what is happening.

Things will APPEAR to get a lot worse before they get better. This is because all the FEAR (false beliefs, lies, deceit, manipulation, corruption, distortion, dysfunction, suppressed pain, etc.) that has been hiding in the shadows of the collective consciousness for eons is now coming into the light of our conscious awareness. Why? This fear is an illusion and must be looked at, acknowledged and released in order to make way for the new. It’s rather like having a nasty spot on your face. All the pus inside the spot has to come to the surface before your face can heal. This is not pleasant, but it is a necessary stage of the healing process.

We have now entered a period of transition from what I call the Box of Fear (Old Earth) to the Garden of Trust (New Earth). I won’t sugar coat this for anyone. This transition is not going to be pretty or easy; transformational change never is. You are going to discover that almost everything you believed to be true about the world you live in is actually false. Becoming fully conscious of the scale of the deception – held in place by (hidden) governments, religious leaders, scientists, doctors and other so-called “experts” through the ages – is likely to trigger intense anger within you. This is perfectly natural. Honour your anger and allow yourself time to process it.

I strongly recommend watching the movie ‘The Matrix’ with fresh eyes. It is, in my opinion, the closest the film industry has ever come to revealing the true scale of the illusion you are living under.

However, the good news is this: the world that you wake up to (life beyond the matrix – the Garden of Trust) is profoundly beautiful and abundant, not at all dark or frightening. Truly, there is nothing to fear. Turns out the universe is a friendly place after all.

Love is all there is. Love is who we are.

The fear was just a big illusion, which gave us an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. Without experiencing the darkness, how could we ever truly appreciate the light? Be grateful for your experiences. It’s time to step back into the light now.

Imagine a pitch black room with a single window to the outside world. Over the window are wooden shutters. For thousands of years those shutters have been firmly closed. The sun (the truth) has been shining brightly in the sky outside the whole time. We are now opening those shutters to allow the sunlight into the room. Everything that was previously hidden is now being flooded with light. There is nowhere for the darkness to hide, for it is nothing more than the absence of light.

Fear not, my friends.

I climbed out of the Box of Fear in 2008, specifically to prepare for this time period. I am not alone. There are millions of us all over the planet. We are variously known as lightworkers, empaths, star seeds and twin flames. Our purpose is to lead and guide you through this transitional period by serving as lighthouses of love. We have already released all fear from our individual vessels, which means we know how to support you in dealing with your own fear.

I describe myself as a conscious individual. I volunteered to awaken from the collective dream before the rest of humanity, for this transition period required wayshowers, trailblazers and pioneers to light the way for others. However, I am no more special or unique than anyone else on the planet. We are all important pieces of the human jigsaw puzzle. Each and every one of us makes our own unique contribution to the overall picture.

Know that you are unconditionally loved and supported at all times. Do not be afraid to reach out to me if your faith waivers. I am here to serve you.

All my love,


Reflection & Response

In 2011, I had a life-changing experience involving an angry stranger on a bus in Chicago. This experience pointed to me having far more power to affect and influence the world around me than I realised and led to the development of what I call the Reflection & Response approach to emotional mastery and personal response-ability. Far from being a “quick fix” technique (there are no quick fixes in life), this has become a central tenet of my life philosophy, something that I apply on a daily basis to any “problems” that I encounter.

I have experienced many positive results and witnessed numerous miracles in the four years since I started consciously applying Reflection & Response to my life. Strangers who have been enemies one minute have transformed into friends the next. Arguments and disagreements with family members have dissolved and resolved within minutes rather than days or hours. Poor customer service has resolved itself without any need for direct intervention.

Intrigued? Check out this video…

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